BLACKGLAMA® Mink by Patrick Fur Farm

Mink: a Magnificent Fur
There is no fur in the world so refined, so luxurious, yet so versatile, as mink. The prestige and pleasure of wearing a mink garment is increased by selecting the very finest black mink in the world – Blackglama® mink. Not all mink possesses the high quality standards required to create an exquisite garment. Up close or from a distance, a garment crafted from superior mink is breathtaking. Blackglama® mink, sold exclusively at Saga Furs, is the acknowledged world leader for beauty and durability.

The prestigious Blackglama® label is awarded to only the finest North American dark ranch-raised mink available. Every aspect of the pelt is examined, ensuring that our standards remain the highest in the world. Many factors are considered before mink is hand-selected for the Blackglama® designation. The texture, length, density, and resilience of the fur are carefully examined. Blackglama® offers only the finest mink, with naturally superior color and richness that cannot be imitated. Its depth and luster are a result of the harmony between the underfur and the guard hair. The natural color mink captures and reflects light with a beauty unequalled by artificial methods. Patrick Fur Farm raises black mink exclusively and sells under the Blackglama® label. To learn more about the Blackglama® label visit