Top Left: Mike & Kyle Patrick pose with their BLACKGLAMA mink Top Right: Patrick Fur's Wisconsin mink farm on a cold winter day

Our Mission Statement

To leave the smallest effect on the ecosystem
To create a healthy work environment for employees
To produce the finest black mink in the world

Animal Well-Being:
For generations, we have proven that being committed to the well being of our mink raises the best quality fur in the world. It is our responsibility to practice the highest standard in animal welfare. This is important to align with our morals but it also makes good business sense. Humane fur practices are truly rewarding. A content animal will produce and raise a better crop than an animal under distress. We respect our animals and handle them with deliberate consideration. We do not cause discomfort while handling them and we provide safe, hygienic living quarters for the animals. Key knowledge in nutrition, herd management, and veterinary care has been passed down from generation to generation and is part of the fabric of Patrick Family Fur Farm. These practices are key factors in raising quality fur sought by designers worldwide for its matchless qualities of rich color, fine top and soft under fur. Management supplies employees with the tools necessary to provide our animals with the utmost care. We are proud to say several employees have dedicated 15 to 35 years working on the farm. We will continue to produce a valuable, durable product that people can enjoy for generations.

Sustainable Environmental Practices:
As farmers it is inevitable that we make an imprint on our natural environment. We minimize our imprint by running our mink farm with sustainable practices. Our philosophy is to use respectfully and replenish the resources we need. Here is a glimpse of our recycling practices. It begins with our food and water sources. 50% of animals butchered for human consumption goes into waste rendering. Our mink diet is centered on these waste products. This saves many products from entering our landfills while providing nutrient-dense feed for our animals We also have a recycling water system. This water system reduces water waste by cleaning used water so it can be re-circulated to the animals. Furthermore, our mink create waste product in the form of their manure. The manure is contained and safely removed from the land. The manure is then transitioned back into local farm fields as high nutrient fertilizer.

Finally, we sustainably manage the forested land owned by Patrick Fur Farm. Mike and Bev’s son-in-law is a Consulting Forester. He manages their land for forest and wildlife health. 95% of the wood that is harvested under these management plans is third-party globally certified as green. A portion of the certified wood fits our needs for building/repairing animal shelters at Patrick Fur Farm. The remaining wood not used is sold at market helping to sustainably support another global market – the wood industry.


Truth About Fur

We Are Fur, Natural & Sustainable